Sunday, July 12, 2009

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Monday, June 22, 2009

So I am finally ready to write something.  It has been a long while since I have posted anything and I think there have been a lot of reasons for that.  But, let me get everyone caught up on what we have all been up too.
Grace - well she is almost two and she always has a smile and something to say.  She is quite the climber lets see we have had to have staples put in her head from falling about the third time off the stools, she had tubes in since we have had so many ear infections and I am so grateful for them and her and bug bites too mix too well her bites just swell up.  She is a great sleeper,  a great eater and loves her brother and sisters.
Logan -  he had a great 1st grade and did great in school.  He hasn't had anymore seizures since last (08') May.  We are so grateful for that.  Logan has found his love "BASEBALL."  In the spring he played coach pitch and just loved it.  Tim was the assistant coach and only made him cry once.  They had a great season.  He was also able to go to the Diamond Back Baseball Camp this summer for a week.  WOW!!! I am not sure what happened but since then that is all we do is play baseball, watch baseball (diamond backs and cubs), talk about baseball, ask all sorts of questions about baseball and we even dress up in are baseball uniforms.  Yes - Tim even put his old uniform on tonight.  Man -  I needed that laugh......  It is a little small in a few areas.  So Logan is doing great!!!!  Just your typical boy......
Allie -  is 14 already and I think knows the number of days until she turns 16!!!!  She is doing great.  She had a good 8th great pretty uneventful which I love.  She has had a very busy summer so far.  A few days after school got out she was off to Disneyland with her dad and they were gone for about 5 days.  Then she cam home for 2 days then off to EFY (church camp) in Provo, UT and she was gone for 11 days.  She was able to stay after for a few days with some friends of ours.  She just loved it,  she meet lots of new people from all over the place and lots from here so now she has even more friends.  The more the merrier.  She loves reading, hanging out with her friends, texting and being on Facebook.  She is just a cool girl.  Love ya babe!!!!
Meghan -  Well so much has happened  here which I guess is a good thing.  It has been a long year for me with Meghan.  I think because she is growing up and maybe I don't really want her too?  Meghan graduated from Red Mountain, she is just about done with beauty school which she went to during her senior year.  It was a very long year.  Have I said that already?  She also worked during all of this and still was able to hang out with friends.  I believe her plan is to take her state board to get her licence to be a stylist and possible start school in the spring.  She is always very busy and has a lot on her plate.  She would have it no other way.  That is Meghan!!!! We love her and we are so proud of all of her hard work....... We know she will accomplish anything she sets out to do....
Tim -  Again so much has changed for us.  His business is still standing through all of the economic change that is going on.  We have made some changes which is a good thing. Everyday they are getting new business which I know we are blessed.  If anyone can handle all of this "stuff" it is Tim.  He never lets anything get him down and he is always moving forward.  He is my rock and I love him so much for all he does for his family.  
Me -  Well as you can read we have been busy raising some kids and I think everyone is doing well.  I have been doing well through all of these changes with our company and I know we will make it through it just might look a little different than I am used to which is just fine.  

Monday, September 29, 2008

The Blessing in my life..............

Why in life is it so much easier to focus on all the hard stuff? 
 I have so many blessings in my life
1.  My heavenly father that loves me no matter what.
2.  My wonderful husband that listens to me rant and rave about anything and everything and still loves me.
3.  Meghan who is working so hard to get through her last year of high school and beauty school at the same time.  I just love how determined she is and what a hard worker she has become.  She is awesome.
4.  Allie always willing to try something new and never is afraid.  Always willing to help someone in need.  And her love of books.  
5.  Logan he makes me laugh.  I love how he has a sweet personality and how reserved he can be. Always the one to stand in the back and watch until he feels safe. 
6.  Grace has the best smile and facial expresssions, shse loves books, music and she loves to dance.  She is very smart and such a happy baby.  
7.  My parents are the best.  They have always supported me in my life even at times maybe they didn't understand why I was doing what I was doing.  They are both such amazing people and they have so much to offer my children.  I love all they add to my children's life.  They are the best. 
8.  Troy (my brother) is such a cool guy and has amazing qualities.  Never afraid of the unknown.  He is a wonderful father.  He is there for me whenever I need him.
These are some of the blessings in my life and I do think of them everyday.  Thank you all for letting me learn and grow eachday with you.  I love you all from the bottom of my heart.  

Friday, September 26, 2008

Post It Notes

Over the summer Meghan and her friends started messing with the some of the guys they hand out with.  They would mark on the cars with window markers and they put skittle candy and confetti all over the front yards.  What a mess that would be to clean up.  
So it looks like the guys finally got Meg back.  For some reason I looked out the window early one morning and this is what I saw.  Her car with post its all over.  I just laughed and then I went into her room and let her know what the guys did to her car and she went back to sleep until I went back a little while later because now the wind has picked up outside and was blowing them all over the neighborhood.  Her and her girlfriend got up half asleep with bags in hand trying to stay ahead of the wind cleaning this up.  
Good Times!!!!!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Beaver Creek Summer 2008

This summer we went to Beaver Creek, Co.  What a blast we had.  Beaver Creek is about 20 minutes past Vail, Co.  it is in a valley right next to the mountain.   This is some of the most beautiful country I have ever seen.  We stayed at the Hyatt Mountain Lodge what a great hotel.
We even got to bring Tim's neice Cassidy with us.  Allie and Cass spend a week together each summer so we timed it that she could come with us to Colorado and then we sent them both to California (Cassidy's home) for a week.  These kids have it hard.  We had a blast together.  Tim, Allie and Casssidy spent one day rafting a very cold river.  But they had a great time.  I have pictures I will put in as soon as I figure out where they are.  
Another day we all took a bike ride to another little town about 45 minutes away on a bike each way. The ride back was a little tougher.  Logan almost didn't make it but, he held on and made it. Tough guy.  Here are some pictures of what everyone did when we got to the park that we biked to.  Fun Times.  
While we were on vacation Gracie turned "One."  Here are some pictures of her just hanging out .  She is just the coolest baby. We are having a blast with her.  She is walking and talking. Really starting to understand most of what we tell and ask her.  And of course she is so dang cute.  She is sleeping on her own now.  Loves her daddy so much.  She just lights up when her daddy walks in the room.  Happy Birthday little girl.  Love you.  
I would go back to Beaver Creek anytime.  It was a awsome vacation and something Tim and I really needed.  Thanks to my dear husband for always going with the flow with this crazy group of ours.  Your the best.  

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Gracie and Pink Eye

A few weeks ago the kids and I were heading out of town to Sedona for a few days and Gracie's eye started to get a little funny looking.  I thought maybe pink eye so I started giving her some over the counter eyedrops.  As you can see they did not work so well.  By the time we got back a few days later this is what we had.  It does look pretty bad.  Once I got the "real stuff" her eye got better pretty quick.  But, in the mean time her eye was very swollen and as always she is a trooper.  Live and Learn always.  

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

No More Meds

Update on Logan -  He had another seizure the first part of May so the doctor increased his medecine.  Then he had a EEG done in June and the results were normal.  Which takes forever for this information to get to us.  After a few weeks the Dr. tells us he feels that it is time to take Logan off his medication.  His doseage is pretty low and it has been about 8 - 9 weeks since his last seizure.  It has been 2 1/2 days since his last dose and fine and just as normal as ever.  
We say our prayers each day and ask for love and support.  We know in our hearts Logan is going to be okay even if he has another seizure.